Set Your Sails – Part 6 – Harbor Church

Set Your Sails – Part 6


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    Riley Simpson says:

    My daughter found a harbor church door hanger on our door on a Tuesday afternoon… was a blessing…..we looked up your website and watched “set your sails ” pt.6…..the blessing continued with our watching the sermon….it was powerful….it was profound….it was beautiful….and we give God and Jesus the glory….for sending this our way….I was my mother’s caregiver for 2 months( she was diagnosed with end stage pancreatic cancer July 22, 2018 at Carteret Gen. Hospital while our family had gathered together for our annual summer vacation at Atlantic Beach).
    She passes away on September 28th ,2018.
    This heartbreaking and devastating loss was beyond……..for my father( they were married for 55 years)….and for myself, my daughter and my three brothers and their families…..She truly was the “HEART” of our family.
    My father’s already existing heart condition just “spiraled”….and I became his caregiver…..In 2019, I went with my father to the Duke heart clinic in Durham a total of 23 times….his health steadily deteriorated…..and it was beyond heartbreaking and devastating for myself, my daughter and my 3 brothers….2020 was “more of the same”…..My father had “multiple ablations” done to try to help….and in June of 2019 was diagnosed with “ATTR- Transytherin Wild Type Amyloidosis….a very rare type of cardiovascular disease where proteins build up in the wall of the heart and prevent the heart from working properly.
    We were “hopeful” that new “breakthrough” medication that his amyloidosis doctor had been a part of researching , would help him….his doctor said in June of 2019 that it would take 9 months for the medicine to begin to help him feel better…..his doctor and staff heavily “touted” the “benefits” of this medicine….so my father and my brothers and I were very “encouraged” going forward….Yet, months down the road…his health continually declined….multiple procedures….hospitalizations….fluid drainage from the stomach cavity….
    Sometimes with an ablation he would have a few days or weeks…then feel bad all over….he had a “wonderful” 2 month period….where he even felt well enough to play a little golf with friends….that was a real blessing…
    Unfortunately, after 2 months…the “downward spiral” continued….in June of 2020….when he was “supposed” to “feel so much better”….he was in very rough shape…..and the “process of anorexia cachexia” ( cardiovascular,) was making him lose muscle mass and strength….the metabolic process of the amyloidosis was gaining more and more ground….his last hospitalization was 2 weeks before Thanksgiving at Duke….he asked me and my daughter to “come stay with him”….of course we did….my three brothers came over to bring home-cooked meals.. we put up the Christmas Tree….and shared great memories… Dad shared all of his wonderful memories going to Duke on a football scholarship in 1960…..he and mom lived in a little brick apartment across from the campus. And she would stroll me around campus when I was just a baby….he went on to share “mom stories” with us….and how proud he was of us….and how much he loved us…( a blessing I will always treasure)
    Dad passed away on Dec.23rd at 11:06am….but not before staring directly overhead while in the hospital bed with his arms and legs flailing out excitedly and in passionately imploring VOICE “MOM!…..MOM!…..MOM!”🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏…It is SO HARD to put into words how PRECIOUS AND WHAT A BLESSING THIS WAS!!!!
    So, within 2 years my brothers and myself had lost both our parents… words for that either…to say it has been a heartbreaking and devastating journey is a true understatement… own relationship with God and Jesus has been fraught with challenges to say the least….I am very open to signs and symbols though of God and Jesus’s presence in my life…because I am really working on my healing….and I feel like the harbor church door hanger was a definite “sign”….and the “sermon” was a “gift”……Thank You🙏

    that it would take 9 months to help him feel better and that it should really help and make a real difference….he started on it in June of 2020….

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    Pam Hawkins says:

    Bonner and I just watched this awesome message because we were out of town Sunday. This message; along with the Sozo Today Devo “Just Face It” is such an encouraging reminder. Thank you so much for bringing us The Good News every Sunday Johnny and Bryce.

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